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The Topper
The topper offers pure additional comfort with the perfect combination of contouring memory foam and uplifting latex.
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Free delivery within 5-7 working days.

Topper with the width of 90 and 180cm currently have a delivery time of 36-40 working days.

1 Topper.
2 Firmness Grades.

2 Adjustable Halves, 
No Gap in Between.

30 Night
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An upgrade for every mattress.
6 cm pure comfort. Just add the topper to your mattress and experience better sleep.
comfort levels
Simply flip the topper to choose between memory foam or latex.
If you prefer to sleep on a surface that keeps you elevated and gives you little bounce back, choose the cooler latex side.
If you like to sleep on a surface that shapes around your body, choose the more malleable and warmer memory foam side.
Washable at 60°
Comfortable cover
The foam is covered by a mix of lyocell and wild silk. Just open the zipper to wash the cover at 60°.
The topper does not move thanks to a nonskid textile that is used on the bottom side of the topper.
A breathable textile leds the air circulate.


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Technical Details
Perfect for any mattress
Simply add comfort
The muun topper fits on every spring or foam mattress and will offer you a completely new sleep experience.
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